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Peace of mind knowing that any needed plumbing repairs will be done quickly & professionally and peace of mind in knowing the price up-front. No games or gimmicks. We’re a little “old school” that way. That’s why we have repeat customers from all parts of the North Dallas area including Lewisville, The Colony, Carrollton, Plano and beyond. “Flashy” and “Glitzy” may be great when you are buying a new phone or TV. But when it comes to a repair of one of the mechanical systems in your home, you need “Professional”, “Reliable” and “Affordable”. And that’s Signature Plumbing Company. When you choose us you can be sure you’ll receive the best care and service in the area.

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From gas leaks in Plano to water heater issues in Lewisville or a dripping faucet in Carrollton, you can be certain that Signature Plumbing Company can handle the job quickly and to your satisfaction. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the work is being done right and your assurance that you’re dealing with a Certified Master Plumber that takes your total satisfaction very seriously. You can also be reassured that we are fully licensed, insured, and compliant with building codes.

Plumbing Repairs From Signature Plumbing Company

Nothing can bring a busy household to a complete stand-still faster than a plumbing problem in a bathroom. And when calamity strikes, you need to have a licensed, bonded, and insured Master Plumber ready to handle the call. But even beyond the emergency situations that arise, Signature Plumbing is also highly skilled at helping homeowners upgrade and remodel their bathrooms to meet their own aesthetic sense of style and functionality. After we cover the repair basics, we will guide you through the calmer side of bathroom plumbing and some of the additional ways Signature Plumbing can help you. For Example, many of our customers like to shop online for unique bath and kitchen fixtures that just aren’t available at the home improvement mega-marts.

  • We repair malfunctioning toilets, leaking seals, and unstable or “wobbly” toilet bowls.
  • Leaking faucets and shower and bath fixtures, leaking shower basins, clogged drains.
  • Bathroom sink and shower faucet repairs or replacements.

Bathroom Remodeling In North Dallas

It is probably no surprise to you that bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular remodeling projects in Dallas. Even though your bathroom is small when compared to the rest of the space in your home, it is perhaps the most highly functionalized room in your house. And the biggest area of functionality is in the integration with your mechanical plumbing system. You know that plumbing runs throughout your house for various uses, but did you know most of the primary junctions and interfaces are around the kitchen and bathroom areas? Because of this critical fact, you need to rely on the guidance of a licensed, master plumber if you are going to take on a project like this. Even if you are a highly skilled carpenter and capable of doing the majority of the work yourself, let us at Signature Plumbing handle the work that must be done correctly the first time; installed to “code” and becomes the foundation of any other cosmetic improvements you choose to make.

For over 20 years, we have been proudly assisting Carrollton, Plano and Frisco homeowners with plumbing remodeling of the highest quality. We have the tools and talent to advise you and get the job done right the first time and within the agreed-uponbudget. That is why we are the top choice for homeowners who enjoy doing a portion of their remodeling themselves. Another bonus of bathroom remodeling is the effect it has on resale values. While nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the ups and downs of real estate pricing in Dallas, most well-done bathroom remodels pay for themselves very quickly with improved property values. So you get to enjoy a brand new bathroom knowing you have made a sound investment in its remodeling. Kitchens and bathrooms can become dated over time and are the most used rooms in Dallas homes today. If you’re considering remodeling, this is an excellent place to start looking. Call us and let us help you make the right decision for your you and your home. Here are some excellent sources of additional information on fixtures and other information on remodeling.

Unexpected Plumbing Repairs

OK, We’re not going to call anyone out here, but if your little helper has ever fed the garbage disposal “3 spoons and a matchbox car” then you know how quickly your broken disposal can bring your family meal production to a halt. Luckily, you have Signature Plumbing Company to rely on for quick repairs or replacements. We get a lot of calls over issues like these and dripping faucets or even unpleasant odors coming from the sink. We can solve any of your little annoyances easily and reliably. Your kitchen is one of those areas that you tend to forget about until something’s not working right. And when something breaks, you need help quickly. Even beyond these smaller issues, we also handle complete plumbing upgrades on your gas appliances, dishwashers, or new kitchen sinks. So if you have any issues that need to be fixed, let us catch them while they are small.

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We know that plumbing repairs can be an unplanned expense; but if you think that’s expensive, just compare that to the cost of feeding your family 3 or 4 on take-out food for a few days… Maybe you’ve been thinking about replacing your dishwasher or contemplating a new kitchen sink; Give us a call. We will happily provide free estimates on the costs. Most importantly, we can help you spot any potential trouble spots before work begins. What kind of trouble? Read this entry from Angie’s List about miscalculating the depth of your new under-mount sink. We can help you on the front end before any plumbing or construction expenses start.

Plumbing And Your Kitchen Renovation

At some point or another, almost every homeowner plans a remodel of their kitchen. And why not? The payback is usually excellent and with the varied components of the job, most homeowners will find parts of this renovation they want to do themselves. This is where a partnership with a licensed, insured Master Plumber is a great benefit. We can counsel you on some of the more technical plumbing aspects that will require licensing and inspection, and you can undertake many of the other aspects yourself and save some money in the process.

We frequently work with homeowners in Carrollton, Plano and Frisco that choose this option. They have found that a little pre-planning with us on the front end saves time and money on the back end. We are very fortunate to be living in a metropolitan area as large as Dallas. Whether you’re in Plano, Carrollton, Frisco or The Colony, you are never very far away from some excellent kitchen design centers and product showrooms. With Signature Plumbing, you have the option of being able to select some very unique custom plumbing fixtures for your kitchen and still have professional, reliable craftsmen to make sure they are properly installed. And even beyond the design centers, the internet is a treasure trove of resources from which you can view and select any kitchen appliance you can think of. Here are a few of our favorite resources for kitchen plumbing ideas.

New copper sink. Signature Plumbing Company

It’s never been easier to express your individual style. So many resources on the internet bring new kitchen sinks right to your kitchen renovation. You can search and find options just not available in the Big Box Home Stores. Here is a list of some of the resources from which you can choose. The image on the left is from They have thousands of photos to get ideas from. is another source with hundreds of choices to get your creative juices flowing.  There are many other excellent websites online. Once you find a few styles you like, call us and we will help make sure your new sink will fit nicely in your kitchen. We will also advise you how easy it may be in the future to get parts for any fixtures you select.

So maybe garbage disposals and trash compactors aren’t the the most glamorous aspects of a kitchen remodel or plumbing repair. But few would argue their convenience and necessity. For plumbing components that are mechanical in nature, it’s hard to argue with GE, an industry leader. Check out some of the newest, state of the art products available. And we can install your new kitchen plumbing purchase quickly and professionally.


What Is A Tankless Water Heater And How Does It Work?

Signature Plumbing Company installs tankless heaters

What Is A Tankless Water Heater And How Does It Work? Tankless water heaters are, as their name implies, a water heating system that heats the water you need to use on demand, instead of heating an entire tank full of water and then storing it and letting it wait to be used. They use high-powered gas burners or electricity to rapidly heat water as it runs through a complex heat exchanger system.

In a traditional hot water heating system, you use a large tank that holds and heats water, usually from 30 to 50 gallons. To get the hot water when you need it, the standard tank continually heats the water and keeps it at the desired temperature. This means that there is energy being consumed to keep the water hot even when it is not being used. This is often referred to as standby heat loss. On the contrary, a tankless water heater has no tank and therefore is not subject to standby heat loss since it only heats the water when you are ready to use it. This is the primary focus point that can makes them energy efficient.

Tankless water heaters are either smaller “point-of-use” heaters or units that supply the hot water needs of the entire house. The biggest advantage of point-of-use systems is that they are compact and can fit almost anywhere. However, the drawback is that they only supply hot water for (usually) a single sink or shower. They should be installed close to the outlet they are servicing. Installing them in close proximity means there is no lag for the water to reach the faucet. This helps ensure that you save on water consumption as well as energy. Whole house Tankless systems are larger, cost more but can operate more than one outlet or faucet at a time without any lag. If they are sized right, they are powerful enough to supply hot water to more than two outlets simultaneously without losing water temperature. Tankless models can be gas or electric powered.

Tankless Water Heaters are more efficient than tank style systems. The larger debate is how long it will take you to recoup (if ever) the additional cost of the system in energy savings. Unfortunately, there is no quick answer here. Call Signature Plumbing Company today. We can discuss your normal usage patterns with you and help determine which solution will be the most cost effective option for your particular family.

There is a reason that Signature Plumbing Company is the #1 water heater service company to call in Plano, Carrollton, Frisco and all of North Dallas. Our plumbing service area includes Carrollton, Plano, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Addison, Mckinney, Frisco, The Colony and all surrounding cities.

Below, you’ll find a list of great things that we can do to help you out. We should be your plumber of choice for:

  • No Hot Water or Running out of hot water.
  • Too long before getting hot water.
  • Water heater repair or new water heater installation.
  • Call 214-918-1075 Today for professional service.

In addition to more common repairs in and around your kitchen and bathrooms, Signature Plumbing Company has the expertise to handle virtually any other plumbing issues in or around your home as well. Here are a few of the other areas we can handle.

Efficient and Cost Effective Plano, Carrollton and Frisco Plumbing Solutions.

Picture this: A video camera is attached to a long cable that is fed through the drain. Once in the drain, we can inspect the pipe’s condition from the inside. Instead of relying on traditional drain line troubleshooting methods, a video camera plumbing inspection pinpoints the trouble spot and helps visually confirm the cause of the problem. Once we understand the problem, we can determine the best solution for clog removal. Using the video camera plumbing inspection method is not only beneficial to the plumber, but to our customers as well because we also want them to see the cause of the problem.

There could be several reasons for continually slow draining pipes and repetitive clogs, but video camera plumbing inspections show the exact “root” of the problem whether it be root intrusion or crushed, cracked or misaligned pipes. Plumbing Video camera inspections have also been used to locate lost jewelry and other items accidentally flushed down the drain or toilet.

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Early Detection of Plumbing Problems

A plumbing video camera inspection is also a great way to perform a check-up on your pipes. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so before you have to spend lots of money later on to fix a big problem, a quick video camera inspection check up can help pinpoint potential issues before they become plumbing disasters. Our plumbing video inspections have also been used to find lost rings, watches and other valuables that can accidentally find their way into your drain pipes.

Signature Plumbing Company at Your Service

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Often times a plunger cannot fix those deep-down clogged emergencies. Signature Plumbing is ready to repair or remove any clogging problems you may experience. Give us a call today! You can reach us at our office at (214) 918-1075. We serve the North Dallas area including Plano, Frisco, Allen, Carrollton and North Dallas.