Gas Leak

Whether you want to add a second gas line for a new stove or outdoor grill or think you may have a gas leak, call Signature Plumbing Company. There are very few things more important than having a licensed, Master Plumber handle any issues in your home relating to natural gas. Your family is much too important to take any chances here. When installed, tested and maintained by a professional, natural gas is an affordable and efficient means of heating and cooking in your home. However, over time, gas leaks can occur. Under most circumstances, gas leaks are caused by normal, everyday wear and tear with the fittings and connections.

Leaks can occur in walls, underground or even below your home. Inspecting and detecting gas leaks is never anything to be taken lightly. It is possible for a small leak to accumulate and cause a explosion. While this risk is normally small, it is important to have any suspicions checked by a professional. You may think you have a “good nose”, but don’t rely on your sense of smell alone to detect the presence of a natural gas leak inside your home. Gas leak detection and gas leak emergency repairs are never a do-it-yourself item. Instead, call us to ensure your safety and security. No matter how small your gas leak may be, we can find it, so you can return to living or working in complete safety.

Some of the services that Signature Plumbing Company provides for natural gas issues include:

  • Adding A Gas Outlet For A Gas Dryer;
  • Adding A Second Gas Line For A New Stove or Cooktop;
  • Locating and Repairing Interior And Exterior Gas Leaks;
  • New Gas Line Installation and Any and All Necessary Permits and Inspections