4 of the Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

When you have a plumbing issue, odds are it needs to be fixed ASAP. You don’t want clogs or leaks to damage your home, make it difficult to live indoors, or even annoy you and your family day in and day out.  Here are 4 common plumbing emergencies that you may face:

4 of the Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

1. Clogged Drains/Toilets

Clogs can happen for any number of reasons, whether it’s an accumulation of hair in your shower drain, grease in your sink, or even a small object or toy stuck inside a pipe (many parents can relate to this one). Some clogs are easy to remove on your own, but others may require professional help.

2. Leaky Faucets

That drip drip drip of a leaky faucet is one of the most annoying sounds a homeowner can hear. Of course, wasting water is no joking matter. If your faucet is leaking, then you may have a damaged washer or valve seat that needs to be replaced.

3. Water Heater Problems

You probably won’t have to guess if your water heater stops working properly. That hot shower you wanted to take? Get ready for a cold blast instead. If you’re having water heater issues, then you’ll probably need to call in a specialist to fix the problem.

4. Running Toilet

If your toilet is constantly running, then its flapper valve may be worn out. Then again, it could be a number of other issues, such as an imbalanced float or a leak. If you don’t know what to do (or simply don’t want to deal with it), then calling in a professional may be the best course of action.

If you’re dealing with any of these common plumbing emergencies, or any significant plumbing issue at all, then you can reach out to our team of experts at Signature Plumbing Company today. We’re the premier plumbing professionals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and we’d be happy to assist you!

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