How a Leak the Size of a Pinhole Affects Your Home

Water leaks are usually small and not very dramatic. Certainly a burst pipe can cause some drama, but in most cases, a leak the size of a pinhole is what will ruin your home. These small leaks seem like something that won’t cause much damage, but thinking that can lead to a lot of expensive repairs.

What small pinhole leaks do is leak water – constantly. Unlike your tap, the leak will never be shut off, it will always be dripping in your walls. While these may be small drips, they add of quickly. The worst part of it is that the water likely won’t leak out of your walls. It will absorb into the insulation or the wood frame. So you can go for long periods of time before even noticing you have a leak.

What you will notice is a higher water bill, as much as 25 percent. Unfortunately, if you continue to ignore this sign of a leak, you will get other problems. When a leak is allowed to continue, it will introduce moisture into an otherwise dry area. As mold spores are present everywhere, they will then thrive on this moisture. Alongside mold growth, the wood will rot. If you are particularly unlucky, insects like carpenter ants will build nests around this soft, rotten wet wood.

How a Leak the Size of a Pinhole Affects Your Home

Suddenly, instead of just a leak problem, you now have a leak, mold, insect, and possibly wood damage problem. This will all cost to fix particularly since you will need to call different services to fix each problem.

While we can’t help with the other problems caused by leaks, we can help stop them from being a problem in the first place. If you have a leak or have noticed rising water bills that may signal a leak, contact us today. The Signature Plumbing Company can help you get a leak the size of a pinhole fixed up quick!

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