How to Inspect Your Plumbing System for Potential Leaks

It is sometimes necessary to begin self-inspections in order to detect plumbing leaks. Inspect your plumbing system for the source of the leak is done using sophisticated, expensive tools. Insuring against this risk is therefore essential.

How to Inspect Your Plumbing System for Potential Leaks

Inspect Your Plumbing System

Always identify the route of the pipes before looking for the leak. It is possible to locate the route of water pipes without destroying walls or floors. The plumber can here use an electromagnetic detection device. An electric cable is introduced into the conduit to create a magnetic field capable of signaling to the professional the various metal networks present. It is also common to use a thermographic camera in order to carry out this type of tracing. This tool is also able to spot the leak. He studies the temperature differences of hot water pipes, the water that escapes having a lower temperature.

Plumbing leak detection techniques


Endoscopy is a method of exploration that makes it possible to visualize the interior of the ducts and to study them. To do this, the device is equipped with an LCD screen.

Electroacoustic detection

The electroacoustic listening method uses an amplified microphone which identifies the vibrations emitted by the water leak of a buried pipe. It is thus quickly and precisely geolocated.

Tracer gas

Tracer gas is only used as a last resort. Pressurized gas is injected into the conduit, which has been purged beforehand. The leak is then identified using a “breather” device. Smoke detection is carried out using a smoke generator which makes it possible to visually locate the leak.

How much does it cost to find a water leak?

Water leaks, or water infiltration, often do not go unnoticed and can cause significant damage to homes such as apartments if not detected and treated in time. At the first signs (traces or odor of humidity, flickering water flow, etc.), it is advisable to bring in a professional to not let the problem worsen. Who to contact in the event of a suspected water leak? Contact the Signature Plumbing Company to schedule an inspection as soon as possible!

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