Important Plumbing Tips Everyone Should Know

Plumbing is an essential part of your home. If the plumbing is functioning properly, running water, great pressure, and significant bathroom capabilities are available. However, when the plumbing isn’t functional, it can leave many complications and repairs can mount into huge financial costs.  Ironically, the longer you put off plumbing issues, the more expensive repairs will become and could result in a plumbing emergency. The plumbing professionals at Signature Plumbing Company, detail a few important plumbing tips everyone should know to avoid huge repair costs and a plumbing emergency.

Important Plumbing Tips Everyone Should Know

Top 5 Handy Plumbing Tips

1. Pay Attention!

Your plumbing is likely to give signs that it’s in need of maintenance or repairs. To ensure your plumbing is fully functional, listen for abnormalities and give your plumbing a visual inspection every three months. Paying attention to plumbing irregularities can be an early indication of any issues.

2. Use It or Lose It!

Plumbing that isn’t used very often can lead to issues. If you don’t use drains regularly, drain traps will dry out. Avoid dry traps by running water in rarely used pipes to keep the necessary amount of water in the trap.

3. What Are Your Measurements?

Water should always come out as a steady stream or there’s a potential problem with your pressure. Measuring your water pressure is a great way to determine if your faucet heads need cleaning or if you’re dealing with a more serious issue like a burst pipe. A little mild cleaning solution in a bag over your faucet head for a few hours should fix water pressure issues if it’s a minor problem.

4. Keep Your Plumbing Clean and Unclogged

The more you use your plumbing the more you need to keep it clean. For example, make sure the faucet and tub drains are clean (with your regular cleaning solution) and unclogged. Hair, food, and other debris can easily end up in your drains. If you have small children, pay special attention to toys that can clog the toilet.

5. Schedule Regular Professional Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the only way to safeguard your plumbing. At Signature Plumbing Company, we know what to look out for when you don’t! As a local and family owned business, we provide exceptional services to tackle all your plumbing needs. We’re Better Business Bureau certified offering our clients guaranteed excellence. You’re invited to contact us to discuss your plumbing needs today!

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