Is Your Carrollton, Plano Water Pressure Low?

Is Your Carrollton, Plano Water Pressure Low?

Signature Plumbing Company Water PressureProblems with the water pressure around your home can be annoying. Unfortunately, they are one of the many things that can go wrong in your house. Showers become less enjoyable and doing the dishes are even more of a chore than usual. A lot of homeowners live with these kinds of issues simply because they aren’t aware of how to fix them (or prevent them in the first place). There are, however, many options available to change your water pressure from bad to good.

Better Water Pressure In Carrollton, Plano, and Frisco
Unless you live around the outskirts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, most people get their water from a municipal water company like Plano water department or the Carrollton water department. In either case, the main lines underground are under very high water pressure. Due to the friction in the pipes, this water loses its pressure between the main line and your home. It loses still more pressure between where it enters the home and the faucet it comes out of. The smaller the space is for the water to move through, the more friction there will be. If water has low pressure when it comes out of a faucet, it means that somewhere between the main line and your sink, the water is experiencing too much friction.

Sometimes, excess friction is caused by pipes that are too small to begin with. A water pipe that is one-half inch in diameter causes significantly more friction than one that is three-quarters of an inch or higher. If your home is full of 1/2-inch pipes, replacing the pipes that are easy to reach with larger diameter pipe will make a noticeable improvement. Investing in a licensed, professional Master Plumber to assess and replace the plumbing with 3/4-inch pipe will make an enormous difference. If you’re building a new home around Plano or Frisco, you should be able to upgrade from 1/2-inch pipe to 3/4-inch pipe for a relatively small investment and greatly reduced headaches in the long run.

Blockage Could Be An Issue
Low water pressure can also be caused by blockages in your pipes. How? Water leaves small mineral deposits (often calcium) as it travels through your home’s plumbing system. If enough of these deposits stick to the inside of the pipe, they reduce the diameter through which the water can flow (which in turn increases the friction, and so on). This is a similar process to the way your arteries can become blocked. Since mineral buildup large enough to affect flow can easily be seen, examining a sample section of pipe from a fixture where the water pressure is low can identify this problem. Chemicals can be used to break down and flush out mineral buildup in these cases. But any time you consider introducing any chemicals into the potable water system of your home, call a licensed plumber to handle it. If your water pressure has always been good and suddenly becomes very bad, the problem could be outside of the house with the water main itself. Let the water company know if you suspect that a pressure problem is coming from outside the house.

Well Water Pressure
Many homes around the outskirts of the area from Decatur to Anna may use well water instead of municipal water. Most all those will have a water pressure tank. While these country homes can have the same sorts of problems that non-well homes do, the water pressure tank can have problems of its own. If the tank is too small to begin with, it will never provide all the pressure needed when water is being used in many places at once. It can also leak. Homeowners with wells may want to have their water pressure tank examined for leaks and for capacity if pressure problems arise.

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