Why My Toilet Keeps Clogging?

In this era, a toilet is a necessity as well as a convenience in every home. A toilet is a major fixture that is frequently used in a home. However, no one desires to have a clogged toilet because of the messy problems it causes.

A clogged toilet is a problem that many people may have faced at some point in their life. Some individuals tackle the problem via a change in routine, others choose DIY plumbing tips, and some people hire expert plumbing services. What are the causes of clogs in your toilet??

Read on to learn the major causes and what can be done to stop them.

Why My Toilet Keeps Clogging?

Flushing Non-Flushable Things

Although all toilets are built to dispose of tissue paper and human waste, other objects normally end up in your toilet gutter. Your toilet is continuously clogged because these non-flushable items can’t be flushed. This toilet blockage issue affects a large number of families.

What Is the Solution?

When you have a clogged toilet due to non-flushable substances in the gutter, a flanged plunger is a tool to utilize to clear the blockage. If plunging fails to dislodge the blockage, a toilet auger can break through the blocked debris and unblock your drain. You can frequently remind family members about what to flush by placing trashcans in the restrooms for non-flushable items.

Excessive Use of Toilet Paper

If you use a lot of tissue paper, your toilet may become clogged. Excess toilet paper does not dissolve properly, leading it to become jammed on drain lines. Multi-ply tissue paper is a beautiful tissue that does not dissolve quickly, causing toilet clogs.

What Is the Solution?

To avoid toilet clogs, have a discussion with family members about lowering the amount of tissue paper used. Discuss the idea of using a trashcan to dispose of soiled toilet paper with family members. Fold the tissue paper to achieve the desired thickness instead of opting for multi-ply products, and avoid balling the TP up for quick drainage.

Clogging in Toilet Traps

The toilet features a P-trap, just like the sink, except it’s placed between the drain line and the bowl. The more objects that cause a large clog are blocked by the toilet trap, the more a substantial mass is caught in the toilet trap, resulting in a blockage.

What Is the Solution?

For this clog, plunging is the ultimate solution. The ideal tool for removing the trapped material is a flanged plunger. The toilet auger can be more effective if the blockage remains after attempting to plunge.

Blocked Sewer Line

Another reason your toilet continues clogging is a blocked main sewer line. Your toilet’s ability to drain waste is affected when a drain’s exit is clogged and things become lodged. Toilet clogs will continue until the sewer lines are repaired.

What Is the Solution?

The clearing of a clog in a sewage system necessitates the intervention of a plumber. To restore normal drainage flow, a plumber will clear the blockage and fix the issues.

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