Going Tankless: The Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters

When you jump in the shower or wash the dishes, you expect to get a steady stream of hot water, but waiting for that water to heat up can be frustrating. Traditional water heaters have their advantages, but they have a number of drawbacks as well. Given the limitations of traditional water heater design, you may be thinking about going tankless. These designs have a lot to offer, but they have their negatives as well. Here are some key things to consider before replacing your old water heater with a new tankless model.

Going Tankless: The Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters

Hot Water Is Instant but Inconsistent

One of the biggest advantages of a tankless water heater is the instant hot water it provides. Instead of waiting for an entire tank of water to get up to temperature, your tankless water heater provides instant access to plenty of hot water.

The downside of the tankless design is the sometimes inconsistent operation, especially when it comes to water temperature. Once a traditional water heater gets up to temperature, it stays there, but the temperature on a tankless model can vary considerably. You may get hot water faster, but chances are you will be fiddling with the controls to keep the water temperature where you want it.

Energy Savings Can Offset a Higher Purchase Price – Over Time

The energy savings associated with tankless water heaters is often touted as one of the main benefits, but it is important to put those lower energy requirements into perspective. Once the tankless water heater is in place, you should indeed see lower energy costs, but the size of the reduction will depend on a number of factors.

From the number of showers you take in an average month to the size of your home and family, these factors and more will influence the energy savings, and the payback period, of the tankless water heater. Even under the best of circumstances, it could take years to recoup the higher cost of a tankless system through energy savings alone.

Lower Space Requirements

Traditional water heaters are large pieces of equipment, and they can take up a great deal of space. If you have a small home, that space could be better used for other purposes, and opting for a tankless design can free up that room pretty quickly.

Whether you want to reduce water usage or just save some money, replacing your traditional water heater with a tankless model may make sense. Talk to your local plumber about taking your tank to the next level.

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