How Small Leaking Pipes Can Become A Big Deal

Often times a minor leaking pipe will go ignored, but avoiding a small leak can have huge financial cost later on. Many people aren’t aware that grease, dirt, and hair buildup can cause pipes to leak. The plumbing professionals at Signature Plumbing Company discuss the issues of leaking pipes. Keep reading more details below to discover how a small leak in your pipes can become a big deal.

How Small Water Pipe Leaks Can Become A Big Deal

How A Leaking Pipe Can Become A Big Deal

1. Location

Depending on the location of your leaking pipes this could mean serious problems in the future. For example, a leaking pipe behind a wall can create indoor mold issues and structural damage. Over time, a leaking pipe behind a wall can create standing water and leave your walls with water spots. You’ll have to cut out the wall where the pipe is located to fix the leak. For a leak behind the wall, it’s best to hire a plumbing professional.

An underground leaking pipe can quickly evolve into a serious leak. Repairs for an underground leaking pipe will require ground excavation, specialized equipment, and professional know how. The weather can also increase the chances of an underground pipe leak getting worst. A frozen pipe with a leak has a greater chance of bursting in the winter.

2. Size

A hairline pipe leak can be hard to detect and can wreak havoc on your wallet. What started out as a hairline fracture in your pipes can turn into a major leak over time. Even a small pipe leak can have an impact on your water pressure increasing the cost of water consumption and forcing water powered appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher to work harder.

3. Avoid Temporary Fixes As A Long-Term Solution

Tape and pipe putty are temporary solutions for a leaking pipe. Customers should never use a temporary leak solution on their pipes long-term to avoid increase damages. Trust the experts for answers about your leaking pipe. You’re invited to contact us for more details about your residential or commercial pipe leaks.

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