If You Hear A Water Leak In Your Carrollton Home

Carrollton Slab LEakWe often get calls that start something like this; “a few months ago, we discovered low water pressure at the kitchen sink on the hot water side of the faucet in our Carrollton home. We could hear running water. We turned off the main house water valve and the sound stopped. Then we turned back on each individual faucet in the house and finally again the kitchen sink where we found the noise is coming from. Is there any way to know for sure and how do we fix it? Isn’t under slab plumbing piping supposed to last as long as the house and never have a problem?Unfortunately, several times in our 20-plus years of working on house plumbing we have found a failure with under slab plumbing lines. Around North Texas they are usually copper water lines because this is a common construction practice for slab style foundations and there were hundreds of thousands of houses built this way across the region. Over time, the copper water line deteriorates and the wall of the pipe can easily cause a leak. There are many leaks of this type that go unnoticed for years because they are small. If it is a hot water line homeowners can sometimes detect the location by the concrete slab being warm in that area. Once the leak is located, the slab can be broken up in that area and the gravel fill removed. When the copper line is exposed, the leaking pipe can be fixed.

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