What Causes My Toilet To Bubble?

Most of the sounds your toilet makes are easy to identify, such as the tank filling after a flush. But sometimes your toilet will make sounds you can’t identify and that can be cause for concern. For instance, when a toilet makes a bubbling or gurgling sound, most homeowners are not sure what could be causing the problem.

What Causes My Toilet To Bubble?

These bubbling sounds can even happen at random times between flushes. A clogged toilet could be causing some of these sounds so you will want to check to be sure it is not blocked and is able to flush freely. Once you know the toilet itself free of clogs, the next likely problem is a clog in the drain lines in your home or possibly the main line that connects your home to the city sewer system. A clog or block in the drain line will only affect the that one room or toilet, while a block in the main line could affect toilets and fixtures throughout your home.

The bubbling or gurgling sounds you hear are due to negative air pressure resulting from a blockage. This can cause air to flow back up through the pipes and into your toilet bowl, causing the bubbles. If you have tried plunging the toilet without success, it may be time to call in a professional plumber. The plumber will determine if the clog is in a drain line within your home or exists in the mainline that runs from your home out to the street. Depending on the location and complexity of the clog, your plumber will find a solution that gets your waste water flowing once again.

If you are experiencing drain line clogs, toilets that are continuing to bubble or gurgle and you are unable to explain them, contact the experts at Signature Plumbing Company. We are family-owned and operated and ready to help you!

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