Professional Slab Leak Repair in Carrollton, TX

When buying a home, the only way to tell what lies beneath the foundation is by confirming the owner’s plan. Here, you can tell about many sewer and water pipes that connect the house to the municipal main water supply lines and sewer system.  However, most pipes in the slab foundation connect to provide water to household fixtures without any problem. But after years of aging, they begin to corrode and leak. That might trigger slab foundation damage that can take time before detecting a severe water leak. This article goes into depth, providing you with early signs that develop when slab leaks.

Professional Slab Leak Repair in Carrollton, TX

3 Early Signs of Detecting Slab Leaks

An early slab leak detection is crucial to help maintain a lower maintenance and repair cost. So, here are three common signs to look out for when there is a slab leak. They include:

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be as a result of different reasons like faulty valves, water leaks, debris in the water, and the build-up of minerals in water pipes. However, if all these causes are in check, there is a possibility of a slab leak. Investigate leaking points by running taps in your house and considering low water pressure locations connecting directly from the slab. If you locate a leaking point, reach out to a specialist to help repair and fix the slab leak.

Suddenly Increased Water Bills

You might be using water at your regular consumption rate, and suddenly bills increase out of no added consumption. That is one of the many warnings that your pipes might be leaking. Most of the leaking points might occur inside the slab, which can be a hassle to identify visually. So, if you encounter such a situation, investigate your plumbing or consider a professional slab repair service.

Mildew, Stains, and Masonry Conditions

Mildew, stains, or masonry conditions like spalling and efflorescence might appear on the walls. In addition, your house might develop wet spots due to leaking water rising into your floors. That could mean a severe slab leak problem, and if not fixed, your wooden floor could get severe damage.

Get Professional Slab Leak Repair

A quick response to detected slab leaks can save you a few bucks. That’s why Signature Plumbing Company provides you with high-quality slab leak detection and repairs around the North Texas area. Our services and support come in a wide range of repairs that are quick to discover. You can contact us at 214-918-1075 for fast and quality slab leak repair.

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