5 Reasons Water Heaters Fail

Do you have cold water, a noisy water heater, or discolored water coming in through the taps? Well, unfortunately, these are all signs of a failing water heater in your home. In some cases, these problems can be repaired, but it might be too late to rectify the situation and you will need a full water heater replacement. If you do need a new water heater, it is best to not repeat past mistakes. So what has caused water heaters to fail?

5 Reasons Water Heaters Fail

If you are looking to prevent another water heater failure in the future, there are a few actually preventable causes that can cause water heater malfunction. These include:

  1. Internal Rust – Ever wonder what keeps water heaters rust-free inside for so long? They are lined with sacrificial anodes that protect the interior by corroding instead. Unfortunately, if they wear down completely, you can manifest internal rust on your actual water heater. You need to have them checked and replaces every few years.
  2. Sediment Build Up – Minerals come in with your water, more so if you have hard water. They will then settle at the bottom of your water heater. This affects the ability to heat water, ruins efficiency, and can wear down the appliance. It needs to be flushed out yearly.
  3. Wrong Water Heater Size – Do you have cold or only warm water after a new installation? It may be possible that you chose a water heater too small for your home’s needs. This means you will need to get a larger size.
  4. Corrosive Fumes – A water heater will need to draw in air to produce combustion. However, if you store things like bleach or ammonia near your water heater, it may draw in corrosive fumes from them. This can cause damage to the interior.
  5. High Water Pressure – High water pressure is hard on all your water-using appliances and your plumbing. It causes wear faster and will cause a need for more repairs.

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