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Clogs in Carrollton Drains are very common and can occasionally happen overtime in your home.  And we, of all people, understand that sometimes you just can’t prevent or plan for some plumbing mishaps.  Your drains are a crucial part of your day to day life, and when one begins to clog you notice immediately. The Master Plumbers at Signature Plumbing Company in Carrollton are plumbing experts and have answered some common drain cleaning questions that homeowners ask:

Q) If I have a slow drain or a clogged sink, should I use liquid drain cleaner?

  • N-O!  Using liquid drain cleaners are almost always a temporary fix.  The chemicals in the liquid aren’t able to break the clog and remove it completely.  Additionally, the chemicals in the liquid can cause damage to your actual pipes.  Overuse of the liquid drain cleaner can attack the lining of your pipe causing it to erode.

Q) There’s a foul odor coming from my garbage disposal, how do I get rid of it?

  • There are a few home remedies for this!  Try putting ice cubes in the disposal and run it for 30 seconds.  This will help remove the buildup of food debris on the blades of your disposal.  After you’ve done this, run cold water to remove the remaining debris.

Q) Why does my sink make a “gurgling” noise when I flush the toilet?

  • A gurgling noise is a common sign that there could be a plumbing ventilation issue or a clog before the drain is vented.  If you begin to hear the gurgling noise or if water begins to bubble in the shower when you flush the toilet, give us a call as soon as possible.  There is a very good chance that you have a drain issue!

Q) What are some daily preventative measures I can take to keep my drains clog-free?

  • SINKS & BATHTUB: First things first, make sure all of your sinks and bathtubs have strainers in them.  This will stop hair and unwanted materials from going down your drain.
  • GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Always try to minimize the amount of food you put down your garbage disposal.   We advise our customers to avoid putting stringy or fibrous vegetables, grease, and starchy foods down your disposal.
  • TOILETS: It’s as simple as this: toilet paper and human waste should only be flushed down the toilet.  Even the wipes labeled as “flushable” aren’t actually flushable!

If you’ve had a clogged drain for quite some time, we recommend that you get it taken care of as soon as possible!  Give us a call and schedule an appointment at any time and we will be able to provide you with Same Day Service in most cases.  Remember, we’re the plumbing experts! No matter if your plumbing problem is common or not, we can handle anything!   To take care of your leaky faucet, slow drain, or any other plumbing issue just give us a call (214-918-1075) or visit us at (SignaturePlumbingCompany.com).  We’re always here to provide you fast, professional service.

Having a plumbing or water heating problem? We’ll bend over backwards to make it right. You can call us today at 214-918-1075

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