Why Using Drain Cleaners on Clogged Toilets Is a Bad Idea

Since chemical drain cleaners are widely available, it would be reasonable for homeowners and commercial property owners to assume the products are safe and effective. However, long-time professional plumbing companies (like ours) can attest to the harm these products can cause. Here’s why property owners should avoid using chemical drain cleaners on clogged toilets.

Why Using Drain Cleaners on Clogged Toilets Is a Bad Idea

Drain Cleaners Are Toxic

Many drain openers are made of strong, toxic chemicals like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, or sodium hydroxide (better known as lye). Due to their chemical make-up, the Environmental Protection Agency classifies drain cleaners as a hazardous product and discourages their use.

Drain Openers Can Damage Pipes

The highly corrosive chemicals in drain cleaners “work” by creating a chemical reaction to destroy the toilet clog. You might be wondering how the drain cleaner can tell the difference between the blockage and your pipes. The answer is the drain openers don’t know the difference. They can break down the pipes too. Although older pipes tend to be more vulnerable damage from drain cleaners, every kind of pipe can experience their corrosive effect.

Drain Cleaners Can Harm People

According to research, drain cleaners are a common cause of chemical burn injuries. A woman who was burned while using a drain opener made of sulfuric acid said “the chemicals made her skin feel like it was peeling off her body.”  (An extra note of caution: Plunging a clogged toilet that has drain cleaner in it is inviting injury.) The potential injuries aren’t limited to burns. Inhaling toxic drain cleaner fumes can cause nasal, throat, and eye irritation.

Plumbing Services in North Dallas

Homeowners and commercial property owners don’t have to turn to dangerous drain cleaners to clear toilet clogs. We have decades of experience providing plumbing services to the North Dallas community. Contact us today.

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